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�Occupy Wall Street� movement sweeping through major Canadian cities

The Woodstock Ontario Independent News

�Occupy Wall Street� movement sweeping through major Canadian cities

“I’m frustrated with . . . having governments making policies that don’t represent me,” he said. “I can’t stand idly by while our financial (situation) and our society . . . is coming apart at the seams, and I think more and more people realize that and are hoping for more positive change and a better tomorrow.”

On royal demolition

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Yesterday I posted about one way in which the Cons' threat to go over the head of Canada's governing institutions in order to hold onto power looks to have plenty of repercussions in the years to come. But let's note another massive gap between the Cons' message of 2008 and their actions since winning a majority government.

Parliament In Review: September 30, 2011

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The Harper Conservatives' choice to talk about everything but the economy continued on September 30, with the day's debate taken up by the Cons' anti-refugee bill as well as a first look at the latest incarnation of Senate reform.

The Big Issue

Monday Morning Links

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Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Murray Dobbin comments on the role that the Occupy protest movement can play in countering corporate power that's faced far too little opposition for far too long:

Libertarians for an Inheritance Tax

The Progressive Economics Forum

I rarely give thanks for Neil Reynolds, but today’s column is a must-read. The point is that taxing large inheritances should appeal not only to those of us concerned about highly unequal outcomes, but also to those simply concerned about equality of opportunity.

Heureux d'action de grâces!

As We Were Saying

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitsilano Beach Park, Vancouver

I do not mourn for Steve Jobs


Back in early August, I recall reading a comparison between the NDP and Apple.

At the time both leaders were still alive, but had each taken a leave of absence for health reasons.

Statement by New Democratic Leader on Thanksgiving

NDP - Press Releases

As you and your family come together to celebrate the harvest season and give thanks for all the gifts you have received throughout the year, I wish all Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving.

Canadians have much to be thankful for. We are a country with extraordinary opportunities and a bounty of resources. For these reasons and many more, we truly are a fortunate and prosperous nation.

Yet there are many Canadians who face difficult times just trying to make ends meet.

Landlords face no punishment for discrimination in online ads | News | National Post

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Landlords face no punishment for discrimination in online ads | News | National Post

Ads touting "muslims only need apply".
I wonder how those folks had felt if we used that same argument/shit for the argument against immigration?
Chances are, they wouldn't be here posting "muslims wanted" ads.

Tory MP who shot holes though Liberal long-gun registry reloads - The Globe and Mail

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Tory MP who shot holes though Liberal long-gun registry reloads - The Globe and Mail

I still don't quite understand how registering something suddenly turns you into a criminal?
Of course a registry will save no lives, and of course if someone is looking for a saved life, they aren't going to find it as a result of the registry.

Treaty Talks or Sham Talks ?

Silly me and  I thought treaty talks actually meant something…

History repeating

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In 2008, it was then-cabinet minister Gary Lunn who wound up embroiled in at least a minor scandal over coordinated third-party expenses.

Well, I had a great day

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I'm sorry so many other people did not. There's 250 more civilians at DND whose jobs will be cut. There's flight attendants at Air Canada who seem poised to go on the world's shortest strike right before getting the contract they don't want forced upon them.

Sunday Afternoon Links

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Assorted content for your long weekend reading.

- Bruce Johnstone comments on the real source of Saskatchewan's relative economic success over the past few years - and not surprisingly, it has nothing at all to do with the Sask Party government that's so desperate to take credit:

Leading by example

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David Atkins points out how the Tea Party (however contrived and astroturfed) may have contributed to the rise of the burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement by legitimizing protest as a means of political change.

Parliament In Review: September 29, 2011

Accidental Deliberations

As Parliament heads into a week off, let's get caught up on what happened in the last couple of weeks before its break - starting with a day that focused on the NDP's choice of opposition day motions.

The Big Issue

While the Cons have spent nearly all of their time cracking down on immigration and pushing dumb-on-crime policies, Peggy Nash's motion started a discussion of economic issues. And the result was fairly telling on a few sides.